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Ah, What a To Do

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July 11th, 2009

08:18 pm - Oh my god
Just had the most awkward dinner in years. Both brothers away (not that Gaz really eats with us anyway, the crafty devil) and so it was me and my parents. Ewww.

Yeah, I ate a steak in record time and ran for it. I'm sure it didn't look conspicuous at all. No way.

Current Mood: nauseatednauseated

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July 10th, 2009

05:54 pm
My Great Aunt Betty died last night. RIP.

My best friend Sarah is off to Guatemala today for five weeks.
Current Mood: tiredtired

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July 4th, 2009

04:31 pm - Phew.
Just spent about an hour changing about two hundred previous posts to Just Me. I'll keep them for when I need being taken down a peg. Haha. Seriously I am glad I didn't really have the drive to write more frequently. God.

Went to Sarah's dancing graduation today. That was pretty cool. She's an amazing dancer. It's really weird to see that though because I know she dances like all the time, but I'd never seen her dance before. I was shocked when she was so awesome at tap, modern and ballet. Her outfits were cool too.

I am staying at her's tonight, which should be cool. Much junk food and film watching as per usual I would say.

Tiiiiired though.
Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Ampersand - Amanda Palmer

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July 3rd, 2009

09:58 pm - The shame, the shame, oh the shame,
Re-reading some of my LJ.

I hate myself. Oh god, I was the worst kind of teenage girl with all the idiocy I was so sure I was above. See subject line X 1000000.

I'm pretty sure I'm less of a wanker these days, but now I'm in a bit of a doubt spiral. I have grown, I tell you, grown! Not up really, but surely some kind of spiritual growth has happened since I was like 14. God with the bad spelling (that has not changed), fangirling (umm.. no no change there), stupidity (...), and general guh hate worthy introspective whiny emo bullshit. And the quizzes. The relentless quiz taking that was most of my GCSE years.

I cannot apologise enough. Really, I address this to the entirety of the internet. I am sorry. I will so my best to be less of a blight upon your surface.

At least until the next Doctor Who episode comes out. insert /squeeeeeeeeeomglgbtbbqxxxxxx/ here.


Um, but yeah. Please don't judge me based upon anything further back than this post. I was misguided, misguided I say!

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09:26 pm
I'm not dead. I'm just bored. ;p

I want to draw, but my felt tips are far away and it is getting dark in my corner. Oh dear, oh dear.

My wrist really hurts. It clicks a lot. Too much computer or not enough computer? hmmm....
Current Location: dark corner
Current Mood: awakeawake

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December 26th, 2007

07:54 pm - What?
Christmas time, weather's fine, I can't rhyme, oh christmas time......
Current Mood: blahblah

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August 18th, 2007

10:45 pm - Chattety-Chat
I was just on the phone with my friend Vicky for three hours. I hate and I mean totally detest talking on the phone, but I can just talk forever with Vicky about not much at all. it's awesome.

We totally would've kept talking too if it wasn't for her mum wanting the phone. I love having a friend I can really click with. :)
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Noooooooothing.

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August 6th, 2007

05:25 pm - Boring Shite, as per usual....
Wow, I never update this stupid thing. I basically just use it for the communities now......

I also love Grey's Anatomy and no one I know watches it (that I can contact easily anyway), so I may occasionally rant about it in here, who knows?

Ho hum....
Current Mood: blahblah

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August 28th, 2006

12:22 pm - Mmmm..... Tea.
I have two cups of tea because I am used to making tea for several people.... This makes me very happy.

God, am I easily pleased or what? -_-
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Current Music: Evanescence - Anywhere

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August 25th, 2006

05:44 pm
RS Results are in.......


I'm a genius, me.

Yet I'm not over joyed. I mean it's just a test result, who gives a fuck?
Current Mood: crushedcrushed

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